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You can help us by making a donation to us in the form of:

  • A cake or something ymmy that we can sell at our Craft Market. If you would like to donate, just come to the Hall early on one of our days.
  • Cash which will help us towards ongoing costs such as maintenance of the hall and utilities, or as a subsidy for an activity that our youth would love to engage in. These are usually camps such as Kangaree for Joeys, Cuboree for Cubs, and Jamboree for Scouts. Fees for these activities are kept as low as possible, however, there are always some costs involved such as transport, food and materials to keep our youth busy. This year (2010) the Bendigo Bank subsidised our Joeys to attend the Kangaree in April 2010. Such subsidies assist because otherwise some of our Joeys would miss out if their parents cannot afford to pay for the costs. Many thanks Bendigo Bank

To donate you can use your credit card using Acceptance Mark 's secure payment system. You do not need to be registered with Acceptance Mark to make the payment.