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About Us

We are a voluntary group, promoting scouting to young people. Our aim is to help young people to grow into responsible adults through activities that are fun, educatonal and safe.


50 years

of scouting




The Mt Evelyn hall is located at Station Street, Mt Evelyn, Victoria (Melways Reference Map 19, A1) next to Mt Evelyn IGA.

The Montrose Hall is located at Mt Dandenong Road, Montrose (next to the Montrose Reserve).


The 1st Mount Evelyn Scout Group is managed by a team of leaders and the Committee on a voluntary basis.


The leaders co-ordinate the activities of the young people and the Group Leader supports and co-ordinates the leaders. Leaders are fully trained by Scouts Victoria. The benefits of being a leader include:

  • opportunities for travel
  • participating in activities such as canoeing, hiking, rafting, water and snow skiing, camping, cooking over an open fire, crafts and other outdoor activities
  • support in obtaining certificate 3 and 4 in front line business management which can help develop a career path
  • opportunities for social networking
  • the knowledge that one has contributed positiively to our youth.


The committee helps support the activities of the leaders. The committee consists of a group of volunteers, usually parents or carers, who meet once a month to discuss issues such as fundraising activities, finances, safety, obtaining grants, co-ordinate events, recruitment, building maintenance and support for the leaders. 

Being a committee member or leader is a great way to make new friends and keep in touch with what is happening in scouting.

You can help promote the smooth running of the Mt Evelyn Scouting group by becoming a committee member.

Members are always welcome! Today.